Market entry business model
Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance is an international company, which has an extensive background in establishing and strengthening relations between Israel and Ukraine. Jointly with our strategic partner in Ukraine – Quattrgroup, we work towards the enhancement of business cohesion between two cultures, promoting Ukrainian companies on Israeli market on one hand and introducing the opportunities of the Ukrainian market to Israeli companies on the other.

First and foremost, we focus on our clients` requests. Therefore, we provide services separately, as well as in a full-packaged proposal.

Services we provide:
Validation of Israeli solution on Ukrainian market by selling it Pipeline

The most effective and efficient shortcut to checking whether your solution can gain success on Ukrainian market is to try and sell it to local companies. We do not waste time and money on deep market investigation, thorough competitive analysis and precise positioning of the product or service. We simply conduct a kind of ‘reconnaissance-in-force’, making our utmost to sell right after short-term preparations. We are probably the only team in Ukraine offering this type of validation in the B2B sector. The preparatory stage embraces the following key points: creation of your product’s one-pager adapted to Ukrainian realities, compilation of a list of potential buyers in Ukraine, signing an agreement between IUA and an Israeli counterpart. The initial stage is followed by PR-event, aimed at raising the profile of your company among relevant business communities in Ukraine or by cold sales if indirect promotion seems irrelevant. Through direct communication with potential clients, we estimate the product`s capacity and define whether it might be advantageous in the long-run and how it should be adapted to customers’ preferences. You will get an extensive report with the results of every meeting, which includes a detailed explanation of whether offered services are relevant for the local market or not and why. In case your product is much in demand, we initiate the negotiation process to achieve the treaty conclusion.


4-6 weeks


You get market research based on direct communication with potential customers.

Possibility to enter the market with minimum cost and low risk.

There is an interrelation between production and marketing strategies, which allows adjusting both at once if necessary.

You keep the money due to the absence of additional intermediaries in product promotion.

Time-saving: being aware of legislations` complications and nuances, knowing well local codes, we take upon ourselves all bureaucracy troubles, thereby accelerating the whole legal support process.


5000$ retainer + 10% of success fee

Full market analysis

We provide a comprehensive up-to-date industry report, assess the size and value of a particular market niche, analyze the customer industry and competitor environment, define all barriers to entry and calculate the market forecast.


3-4 weeks


You will get an in-depth market insight from experts who have wide experience of operating in both markets and understand its subtleties.

You minimize risks of facing barriers while entering the market and increase your chances of building a sustainable business.

Save your time without engaging an employee from the outside.

Fee: 2500$
  1. 1We compile a database of potential clients and entities of relevant business interests to establish a partnership, conclude a distribution agreement and/or get fundings.
  2. 2Then, we prepare marketing materials (one-pager or a presentation), based on your company's information, while adapted to the local market.
  3. 3We assist you in conducting negotiations with businesses, which your interests and vision coincide with. Our main goal is to bring you to the stage of signing agreement.

3-4 weeks


Further market advancement depends on how successful the negotiations went. Relying on our deep comprehension of cultural and business realities in Israel and Ukraine, we understand all the ins and outs of building partnerships between the two countries.

Owing to our vast network of personal contacts, you will have a wide range of potential local partners.

You will save human and financial resources, y enabling us to accomplish lead generation and further contract talks.

Opening Sales and Marketing Office (outsourcing)

Getting through the above-mentioned stages with IUA`s mentoring, you will find the most optimal market entry strategy. Moreover, the centralized approach allows you to save your time and costs, accelerating the process of product penetration into a particular niche. While the ability to pre-test it gives you the undoubted advantage in estimating all possible risks and benefits. After we have brought you into the market, we could offer you:


4-6 weeks


Further support and consulting services You minimize risks of facing barriers while entering the market and increase your chances of building a sustainable business.

The creation and integration of sales and marketing offices, which gives you the physical presence in the foreign market and an opportunity to promote, develop and extend offered products and services.

Cost & time savings: you don`t invest in recruiting and training employees for your business but you get highly skilled resources for lower prices.

Lower risks: by delegating certain processes to local experts in their respective fields, you will benefit from their understanding of threats in the market niche and the ability to mitigate potential risks.

Fee: to be discussed

Міхаель Фураев

Стратегічний партнер

Голова Quattrgroup

Лідер-візіонер і засновник синергетичних команд

Сергій Вільнер

Стратегічний партнер

CEO Quattrgroup

Понад 20 років технічного та управлінського досвіду в сфері IT-рішень для медицини. Довгострокова співпраця з Ilex Medical Ltd

Анна Жарова

Головний виконавчий директор IUA

Підприємець і міжнародний консультант. Спеціалізується на започаткуванні, розвитку й управлінні проектами у комерційній та соціальній сферах

Співзасновниця недержавної організації Israeli Friends of Ukraine

Член правління ізраїльської організації Pnima, сфокусованої на об’єднанні громадських та урядових лідерів

Едді Дейв

Голова IUA

15 років на ринку капіталу, інвестицій, та просування бізнесів

Власник Ізраїльсько-української аутсорсингової компанії: 400 співробітників, 5 років функціонування, офіси в Харкові та Києві

Керуючий партнер компанії Camalia Capital Markets, яка була успішно продана Meitav Dash 5 років тому. Meitav Dash є другою за обсягом інвестиційною компанією в Ізраїлі з понад $50 млрд у керуванні

Ольга Столярчук

Співзасновниця IUA

Спеціалізується в галузях нафтогазового законодавства, антимонопольного законодавства та захисту даних

Портфоліо Ольги включає такі позиції, як юрисконсульт компанії “Нафтогаз України”, юрист міжнародних юридичних фірм Schoenherr LLC і Salans LLC

Менеджер проекту Ukraine Discovery Tour, засновниця недержавної організації ‘Go.UA’, член асоціації ELSA Vienna і навчальної лабораторії НаУКМА Law Clinic

Ольга займається волонтерством, є членом недержавної структури Legal Hundred, благодійної організації The Wheel of Good Deed, активно працює pro bono із солдатами з зони АТО (антитерористична операція), переселеними дітьми та з людьми з обмеженими можливостями на території України

Данило Ціпоруха

Співзасновник IUA

Підприємець та експерт в галузях соціальних мереж, діджитал маркетингу, платної реклами

Має навички роботи з PPC, Analytica, Product Marketing, Start-ups, Product Development

Ступінь бакалавра за спеціальністю “Комунікації та дослідження нових медіа” Міжпредметного центру в Герцлії, магістр юридичних наук МСУ м. Київ

Співзасновник Draw Days Tel-Aviv, IUA і Echo

Євген Проскуліков

Експерт з комунікацій

Розвиток соціальних, корпоративних та ділових відносин через розробку та впровадження довгострокових комунікаційних стратегій та рекламних кампаній на базі глибокої аналітики, креативному підході та послідовної контент-політики

17 років в комунікаціях у ролі стратега, аналітика, копірайтера та маркетолога. Надавав послуги понад 200 міжнародним і українським брендам в різноманітних галузях

Микита Ходаківський

Співзасновник IUA

Незалежний міжнародний експерт, який понад 15 років займається розвитком програмного забезпечення, зокрема, проектами з перехресним застосуванням глобальних електронних платежів, електронної комерції та FINTECH

Засновник паризької компанії, веде консультаційні проекти, а також проекти з розробки програмного забезпечення з метою успішного запуску стартапів і SaaS бізнесу

Buyers Tour:Furniture and Interior Design Industries in Ukraine


05.02 - 08.02.2019


As for the Export Strategy of Ukraine 2017 - 2021, presented by the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine, the IT and creative industries (services) are one of the seven key directions. Moreover, the Ukrainian Furniture market is a fast-growing segment of the economy which augments 14% annually. That is why Architects & Designers Buyers Tour was a well-time event in terms of Ukrainian Export Strategy implementation and further policy adoption.



  • Deep dive into Ukrainian Furniture Industry and Interior Design Ecosystem.
  • Present Ukraine`s export capabilities in the sector of architecture and design
  • Lay the groundwork for long-term business relations between Israeli and Ukrainian enterprises in the sphere
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the Ukrainian market niche.

Results/goals reached:

  • 10 - 15 participants, architects, developers and design businesses from Israel;
  • 20 - 40 B2B meetings in Kyiv and its region;
  • 60% of participants report increased business linkages with businesses in Ukraine;
  • 40 new business contacts established during the trade mission;
  • 5000 of target audience reached by the media campaign in Israel;
  • 8 B2B itineraries company-specific developed.
Study tour“Exploring Israeli FoodTech Industry”


29.10. - 02.11.2019


With expertise in biotech, food e-commerce and ingredient innovations, Israel holds its position as one of the biggest food tech communities globally. At the same time, Kormotech is the leading pet food producer in Ukraine. Therefore, we have found an opportunity for promising cooperation through sharing experiences with high-tech and family companies, innovation, and R&D сenters.


  • Deeper insight into the Israeli market niche.
  • Discover the hottest technologies, get to know innovative approaches in production, business development and sales strategies on an international scale.
  • Expand and strengthen the network.
  • Sharing experience and learning from real successful cases.

Results/goals reached:

  • 7 B2B meetings with key industry companies in Israel;
  • Bringing to negotiations with 3 Israeli companies.