Second Opinion Program
Online medical consultations from top Israeli physicians for Ukrainian patients

Correct diagnosis is key to effective treatment. Thanks to the Second Opinion Program of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, Ukrainian patients and medical institutions can now request a review of diagnosis or a treatment plan by Israel's leading physicians without the time and expense of travel.

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What is Second Opinion?

Second opinion is a common medical care practice when it comes to the treatment of complicated or rare diseases. The doctor or clinic providing a second opinion reviews the patient's medical history and previous diagnostic information, and then offers their own take on the diagnosis and makes recommendations for further treatment.

Second opinion may be particularly important when you:

doubt if the diagnosis you got is correct

have to agree to a surgery or expensive medications

want to clarify the type or stage of the disease

encountered a complicated or ambiguous diagnostic case

It is important to remember, however, that the purpose of a second opinion is never to compromise the qualifications of the treating physician. More than anything, it is intended to increase the patient's chances for the most accurate diagnosis and a favorable treatment outcome.

Program Benefits
More Precise

Every case is reviewed exclusively by the Israel’s top specialists with years of experience to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis


Consultations take place online, so the patients don't have to spend any additional costs on travel or accommodation


All the applications are reviewed collegially by several specialists in different fields, and you can send medical data and get a second opinion online

How the Second Opinion program works:
First, you fill out a Second Opinion Application below, and then we:
Why Israel?

Israel's health care system is consistently ranked among the top-10 in the world by the World Health Organization. For several years in a row, a decrease in cancer mortality has been recorded here, which is due to a combination of large-scale screening programs, the experience of specialists and the availability of the latest equipment for genetic, molecular and other high-precision research. However, cancer treatment is not the only area in which Israeli doctors exceed. Surgery, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology and other major areas of clinical medicine are also well developed in the country.

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