Odesa: ‘Alliance’ Holds Seminar On Israeli Tech Transfer Practices At The National Medical University


On January 19-21, Israeli specialists Anna Zharova, Anna Pellivert, and Olga Stolyarchuk, CEO of the Alliance's Kyiv office, held a seminar titled “Creating and developing innovations at universities” at the Odesa National Medical University (ONMedU).

The seminar was organized by the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance in partnership with Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University, and ONMedU, with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine and Quattrgroup.

More than 1,000 people registered for the event: at least 80 of them offline and over 600 online.

Three day-long sessions of the seminar were dedicated to the technology transfer, an approach that seeks to ensure scientific and technological progress together with sustainable economic development through migrating certain tech (as well as skills, knowledge, methods, inventions, patents, etc.) from a technologically advanced country (primarily from its universities), companies, or institutions to another country or organization.

The participants of the seminar exchanged their tech transfer experiences and practices and discussed the ways for creating a similar institution at ONMedU, stimulating open innovations, promoting the commercialization of academic research, and building an innovative ecosystem. Additionally, attendees talked about expanding multilateral partnerships between the Odesa University, Israeli businesses, and government agencies.

“Picking the ONMedU as a venue for our seminar was not a coincidence, as it was the university that has initiated our cooperation and acted as a locomotive for technology transfer to Ukraine," said Anna Zharova, Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance CEO. “Technology transfer is definitely crucial for the development of local universities, but also for Ukrainian businesses and the state in general. I am convinced that this is only the first step, and there will be many more to follow.”