Analyzing sounds of cough to detect if one has a virus


Dr Sergiy Zhitansky, technical director at Transfotech and founder of the platform NewCare, who works in Predictive Medicine for HealthCare: “We have created a group of products, which helps to determine on early stages such diseases as cancer, viruses, tuberculosis and diagnose lunges and other organs. Moreover, our technology allows to predict the approach of serious health conditions (stroke, heart attack) according to changes in human behavior. Our solutions function together with the ability to timely respond to people fall, the sound of cough, owing to which we determine with a probability of 90% a viral disease. A complement to our product is the ability to identify people with fever, even in crowds, as well as responding to cases of violence and fire”.


IUA at EBRD online event for Israeli businesses

15 December

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance (IUA) took part in the “Business Opportunities in Digital Development and AG-Tech” online event by the EBRD

Crash course on Israel for Ukrainian Leadership Academy students

9 December

On December 7-11, representatives of Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance and a panel of invited experts will run a series of lectures on Israel for the students of Ukrainian Leadership Academy

Ex-Ukrainian ambassador to Israel named director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy

30 November

Gennady Nadolenko, ambassador of Ukraine to Israel of 10 years, was officially appointed to his new post on November 25 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba

Michael Furaev

Strategic partner

Head of Quattrgroup

Visionary leader and designer of synergistic teams

Sergey Vilner

Strategic Partner

CEO of Quattrgroup, IUA’s strategic partner in Ukraine

Over 20 years of technical and management experience in healthcare IT, including long-term cooperation with Ilex Medical Ltd

Anna Zharova


Entrepreneur and International Consultant, specializes in developing, managing and launching impact projects in commercial and social spheres

Co-founder of nonprofit organization "Israeli Friends of Ukraine"

Board Member in “Pnima” - Israeli organization, uniting public and government leaders

Eddy Dave

Chairman of IUA

15 years of experience in capital markets, investments, business development

Owner of Israeli-Ukrainian outsourcing company: 400 employees, 5 years of operations, offices in Kharkov and Kiev

Managing Partner of Camalia Capital Markets, which was successfully sold to Meitav Dash 5 years ago. Meitav Dash is the second biggest investment house in Israel with more than 50b$ at the disposal

Olha Stoliarchuk

Co-founder of IUA

Main expertise in oil and gas laws, data protection and antitrust law

Olha’s portfolio embraces positions of a Legal Counsel for NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, a lawyer in the international law firms Schoenherr LLC and Salans LLC

Manager at the Ukraine Discovery Tour and a founder of NGO ‘Go.UA’, a member of ELSA Vienna, Law Clinic of NauKMA

Olha is an active volunteer, being a member of NGO ‘Legal Hundred’, Charity Organization ‘The Wheel of Good Deed’, actively working pro bono with soldiers in ATO zone (anti-terrorist operation), displaced children and handicapped people society in Ukraine

Daniil Tsiporukha

Co-founder of IUA

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Paid Ad Expert, Entrepreneur

Skilled in PPC, Analytics, Product Marketing, Start-ups, and Product Development

BA degree in Communications and New Media Studies IDC Herzliya, MA in Law ISU Kyiv

Co-Founder at Draw Days Tel-Aviv, IUA and Echo

Eugene Proskulikov

Communication expert

Design of social, corporate, and business relations by developing and implementing long-term communication strategies and ad hoc campaigns, based on data-driven analyst, creative approach, and coherent content policy

17 years of practice in communications as a strategist, analyst, copywriter, and marketing expert. Provided services for about 200 international and Ukrainian brands in various industries

Mykyta Khodakivskyi

Co-founder of IUA

An independent international expert that has been in software development, in particular, in cross-application development projects in global e-payments, eCommerce and FINTECH for nearly 15 years

Founder of Paris-based, he runs consultancy and software development projects to assure successful launches for new startups and SaaS businesses

Buyers Tour:Furniture and Interior Design Industries in Ukraine


05.02 - 08.02.2019


As for the Export Strategy of Ukraine 2017 - 2021, presented by the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine, the IT and creative industries (services) are one of the seven key directions. Moreover, the Ukrainian Furniture market is a fast-growing segment of the economy which augments 14% annually. That is why Architects & Designers Buyers Tour was a well-time event in terms of Ukrainian Export Strategy implementation and further policy adoption.



  • Deep dive into Ukrainian Furniture Industry and Interior Design Ecosystem.
  • Present Ukraine`s export capabilities in the sector of architecture and design
  • Lay the groundwork for long-term business relations between Israeli and Ukrainian enterprises in the sphere
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the Ukrainian market niche.

Results/goals reached:

  • 10 - 15 participants, architects, developers and design businesses from Israel;
  • 20 - 40 B2B meetings in Kyiv and its region;
  • 60% of participants report increased business linkages with businesses in Ukraine;
  • 40 new business contacts established during the trade mission;
  • 5000 of target audience reached by the media campaign in Israel;
  • 8 B2B itineraries company-specific developed.
Study tour“Exploring Israeli FoodTech Industry”


29.10. - 02.11.2019


With expertise in biotech, food e-commerce and ingredient innovations, Israel holds its position as one of the biggest food tech communities globally. At the same time, Kormotech is the leading pet food producer in Ukraine. Therefore, we have found an opportunity for promising cooperation through sharing experiences with high-tech and family companies, innovation, and R&D сenters.


  • Deeper insight into the Israeli market niche.
  • Discover the hottest technologies, get to know innovative approaches in production, business development and sales strategies on an international scale.
  • Expand and strengthen the network.
  • Sharing experience and learning from real successful cases.

Results/goals reached:

  • 7 B2B meetings with key industry companies in Israel;
  • Bringing to negotiations with 3 Israeli companies.