Two Israels And the War In Ukraine (A. Zharova)

20 April

Israeli politicians will have to answer “where he was and what he did” when the Russians bombed Ukrainian cities.

You Run = You Help. How Participants Of the Race In Tel Aviv Raised About $15,500 To Help Ukraine

12 April

According to the results of the race, 50,000 shekels were collected, which is about 456,000 hryvnias.

In Israel, the 'Israeli Business 4 Ukraine' Initiative Has Started

9 March

In Israel, the 'Israeli Business 4 Ukraine' Has Started

Protest Action Against the Kremlin's Attack On Ukraine To Be Held In Front Of the Russian Embassy In Tel Aviv

24 February

A protest action against Russian aggression and the war in Ukraine will take place today in front of the Russian Embassy in Israel.

From Lab to Life: How Ukraine Can Adopt Technology Transfer

17 February

Anna Zharova, CEO of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, discusses how Israeli experience can be used by Ukraine to avoid falling behind the world in terms of technology transfer practices

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance on why Israel is increasingly choosing Ukrainian developers (

16 February

Ukrainian specialists are the best in “value for money” terms, which makes them much more profitable for Israeli companies. Possible savings here are ranging from 40% to 70%

Visa Everywhere Initiative 2022 Invites Fintech And Payment Startups To Showcase Their Solutions On A Global Stage

8 February

Innovative fintech startups across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa are invited to sign up to gain exposure and access to Visa’s network, as well as $35 000 for CEMEA Final, and $125 000 for Global Final, in total prize money

Odesa: ‘Alliance’ Holds Seminar On Israeli Tech Transfer Practices At The National Medical University

24 January

Одеса: “Альянс” провів у національному медуніверситеті семінар з трансферу технологій з Ізраїлю

Tectonic 2021: How Israel And Ukraine Are Crafting Stronger Friendship

30 December

2021 will be remembered not only as another year in a new COVID-19 driven reality but also as a year marked by several important dates shared by Israel and Ukraine that we at the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance have no right to ignore

Success Case: Israel Study Tour For Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Company

22 December

According to Anna Zharova, CEO of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, study tours – despite online solutions available on the market – are a surprisingly effective tool for immersing oneself in the Israeli ecosystem

Hummu Sapiens Open Their First Hummusia In Kyiv

20 December

Modern restaurant of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine opened its door on Saturday, December 18, in the historic Podil district of the capital

In Cybersecurity, Israel Has Become a Breeding Ground For Billion-Dollar Startups

9 November

Articles in the media and speeches of politicians are full of theses about Ukrainian talents and number of graduates specializing in IT. But does Ukraine respect its human capital? Does it invest in its people, their ambitions, skills and experience? Perhaps. But it can do even better.

New Opportunities For BPO in Ukraine: Why the Country Is Called an Outsourcing Nation

4 November

Global companies have already appreciated this opportunity, but for Israeli business there are even more advantages. An additional advantage is the Agreement on a free trade zone, which separately stipulates the development of relations in the IT sector. Together, these factors create favorable conditions for the start of cooperation.

Film co-production is popular around the world. Why don’t things work out for us?

5 October

The US film business does not necessarily require collaboration. While film industries of such relatively ‘small’ states like Israel and Ukraine is ‘doomed’ to co-production. IUA's Anna Zharova shares her insights about cooperation between the both states.

The right for an opinion: why Ukrainian medicine needs the practice of independent expertise

28 September

Introducing “second opinion” services will not solve all of Ukraine’s medical issues at once, but it is certainly a practice that should be adopted and promoted.

What made Ukraine so attractive to Israeli heart and investments? (

30 June

What Ukrainian industries benefit from Israeli investors? Olha Stoliarchuk's column for '' media outlet

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance took part in the Third Ukrainian International Education Forum

29 April

Alliance’s CEO Anna Zharova joined the Forum as a speaker for the panel “International education as a key vector of Ukraine's expansion in the world” by the Global Ukraine Foundation

5 Reasons Why You Need Data Analytics Outsourcing

26 April

You’ve gathered terabytes of data, and now all you have to do is hire experts to make use of it, right? Well, it’s not all that simple.

Israeli medicine a click away — Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance launches Second Opinion Program

21 April

The official presentation of the Alliance's new program took place on April 13 during an online conference

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance becomes new consulting partner for Export Promotion Office of Ukraine

2 March

In its new role within the Export Promotion Office the Alliance will assist Ukrainian business in entering Israeli market

Sourcing services for international importers by the Office of Export Promotion

24 February

the Office of Export Promotion offers free sourcing services for international businesses wishing to cooperate or coproduce with Ukrainian producers of components, goods, and services

IUA about business prospects for Ukrainian exporters

18 February

On February 23, "GO ISRAEL: Free Trade Area of Ukraine with Israel: new opportunities and prospects for business" webinar will be held for Ukrainian exporters and manufacturers to demonstrate benefits of Free Trade Agreement with Israel.

Israel ready to share MedTech knowledge and experience with Ukraine

16 February

Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission to Ukraine and Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance held an online meeting between the representatives of Ukrainian clinics and their Israeli counterparts

Ukraine further simplifies relocation requirements for IT professionals

16 February

In July 2020, Ukraine introduced quotas for foreign IT professionals that allowed local companies hire them using a simplified procedure.

IUA at EBRD online event for Israeli businesses

15 December

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance (IUA) took part in the “Business Opportunities in Digital Development and AG-Tech” online event by the EBRD

Crash course on Israel for Ukrainian Leadership Academy students

9 December

On December 7-11, representatives of Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance and a panel of invited experts will run a series of lectures on Israel for the students of Ukrainian Leadership Academy

Ex-Ukrainian ambassador to Israel named director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy

30 November

Gennady Nadolenko, ambassador of Ukraine to Israel of 10 years, was officially appointed to his new post on November 25 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba

#OneMinuteConference: The fastest way to get a game-changing idea for your business

30 November

On December 2, online platform Merezha, Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance’s partners, will hold an experimental conference.

Free trade agreement ratification

25 November

The free trade zone between Ukraine and Israel shall enter into force on 1st January 2021

Online meetup on outsourcing solutions for the health tech industry — Key Takeaways

20 November

On November 10, Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance held an online meetup “Addressing COVID Challenges and Opportunities with Outsourcing Solutions”

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance will participate in HealthIL 2020 Innovation Week

11 November

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance is happy to announce it have been invited to present during the “Global Outreach” session of the HealthIL’s virtual main event this year

Letters to Heaven: place your note into the Western Wall without visiting Jerusalem

9 November

Many people worldwide dream about visiting the holy city of Jerusalem, seeing the holy sites of the three global religions, and placing a note among the stones of the Western Wall. However, doing this in person is currently impossible due to quarantine restrictions

Addressing COVID Challenges and Opportunities with outsourcing solutions

16 October

Online meetup for Israeli health tech businesses

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance took part in the second EU4Digital ICT Innovation networking event

14 October

The EU4Digital Facility held the second ICT Innovation networking event on 8 October

XIV international Ukrainian school of IIEC "Step to Ukraine" online

31 August

From 25th of January till 7th of February 2021 International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations conducted an intensive Ukrainian as a foreign language

Covid-19 lessons learned

20 July

Dr. Ihor Kuzin, Acting Director General of Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, summarized the changes that should be implemented in the government system to secure a more effective response to crises, similar to the COVID-19 pandemic

Every recovery is like a miracle

20 July

Dr. Evgeniy Kazman, Infectious Diseases Unit, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, warned that the “new norms” are rules for everyone and nobody is safe from risks of a “sad scenario”: “We still do not know much of COVID-19. There was a case of 22-year old basketball player that has been much talked of in Israel. He was healthy as an ox, but caught a very severe form of COVID. He literally died two times. The boy was lucky to recover. Today on TV he persuades people to wear masks. The paradox is that that three of his friends got over the disease very easily. Reasons, why that basketball player fall ill with the extreme stage of the virus are still unclear. As a medical practitioner, I may say that every case of COVID severe form is a real challenge for doctors and every recovery is like a miracle”.

Academics’ share in fight against pandemic

20 July

Anna Pellivert, VP Business Development of Yissum, Hebrew University Jerusalem, leading Technology Transfer company, answered the question “How can academics contribute to fighting the pandemic?”: “Yissum is a platform, which enables the migration of scientific ideas from the university into an industry, and then into society. Our scientists have already had their own achievements in the field of virology, in particular on swine flu and Ebola. Today they adapt their researches to peculiarities of the new virus. We have received a few government grants. As a result, the Hebrew University has filled 24 patent applications for new solutions that will help society in a few years”.

Analyzing sounds of cough to detect if one has a virus

20 July

Dr Sergiy Zhitansky, technical director at Transfotech and founder of the platform NewCare, who works in Predictive Medicine for HealthCare: “We have created a group of products, which helps to determine on early stages such diseases as cancer, viruses, tuberculosis and diagnose lunges and other organs. Moreover, our technology allows to predict the approach of serious health conditions (stroke, heart attack) according to changes in human behavior. Our solutions function together with the ability to timely respond to people fall, the sound of cough, owing to which we determine with a probability of 90% a viral disease. A complement to our product is the ability to identify people with fever, even in crowds, as well as responding to cases of violence and fire”.

Cyber intelligence for Health Care

20 July

Vitaly Trakhtenberg, Sales Director at RayZone Group LTD, company which creates cyber intelligence solutions for governmental and federal agencies, responded on one of Igor Kuzin`s request: “Imagine that a COVID-19 positive person queued in a supermarket. Owing to our system, we could determine people, who stood near that person, using only his or her phone number”. One of the questions adressed to Mr Trakhtenberg was about privacy violation and the use of personal data: “GDPR – four letters, that we have learned very well recently. Article 9, point (i) of the General Data Protection Regulation states that a ban on personal data processing is not accepted when "processing is necessary for reasons of public interest in the area of public health, such as protecting against serious cross-border threats to health. Our system is already working in some EU countries and in North America”.

COVID-19 will decrease, but psychological problems will remain

20 July

Dr. Pavel Goldstein, PhD Assistant Professor, Head of Chronic Pain and Public Health Laboratory, Head of Biostatistics MPH program, School of Public Health, University of Haifa, Israel, highlighted the mental health problems during the pandemic and their ability to enhance or reduce our risks of catching COVID-19: “One in five doctors is experiencing clinical depression, four out of ten suffers from sleep disorders. However, this issue is relevant not only for medical personnel. The pandemic exerts a very serious impact on the mental health of all of us. This could cripple our immune system, being the last obstacle on the way of the virus getting inside. We realize that at some point, the danger of COVID-19 will decrease, but psychological and even psychiatric problems will remain. To help people in this challenging time, we are developing the T-life app in order to support mental health and hopefully the immune system”.

Get ready to live by “new rules”

20 July

Prof. Manfred Green, Head of International MPH Program, School of Public Health, University of Haifa, reminded about dangers, COVID-19 will further represent: “Spanish flu spread all over the world in three waves, lasting from 1918 to 1920. There was an unwillingness to impose restrictions, which is largely similar to current situation. The second wave of COVID-19 in Israel was caused because of reducing quarantine measures prematurely. It is now important to impose “new rules”: physical distancing, wearing masks in public without fail, massive gatherings limitation, contact tracing and strict adherence to the principle “if sick – stay at home”.

Support of small businesses

20 July

Tali Ploskov, Chair of the Ethics Committee, Member of the Knesset for Likud, stressed that the government pays special attention to supporting small businesses: “There are a lot of private entrepreneurs in Israel. The majority found themselves in a very tough situation due to the crisis, caused by COVID. Unfortunately, in compliance with current regulations, they are not entitled to a paid sick leave, vacation or unemployment benefits. The government has to take urgent measures in order to help them, in particular, adopting relevant bills".

88% of businesses supported fight against COVID-19

20 July

Maryna Saprykina, Managing Director for CSR Ukraine, shared the results of a survey concerning the reaction of Ukrainian businesses to the quarantine: “Ukrainians could be proud of the domestic businesses’ response to the crisis: 88% of respondent companies supported the fight against COVID-19 in one way or another. Among the most common measures: doctors and hospitals` support, purchase of medical equipment, provision of goods and services free-of-charge".

Quarantine with “human touch”

20 July

Eugene Nayshtetik, managing partner of the biomedical innovation company Lorton Investments, urged to think about the “side effects” that come with strict quarantine measures, taken by most governments: “Quarantine is the same medical technology as any other, and the same standards should be applied to it as to any other therapeutic intervention. In particular, it is important to consider side effects with changes in the quality of people`s life. It is not a secret that doctors all around the world keep reporting about an increase in stress-induced diseases: someone has got an ulcer, others suffer from aggravated cardiovascular problems. There is no way I appeal to the quarantine measures abolition. I just want to say that these measures should be planned with a “human touch”. When deciding on how to tackle the pandemic, authorities should treat people like people, not like an abstract population”.

Visa-free expansion

20 July

Maria Mezentseva, MP of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Committee on EU Integration, noted that as of today European integration focus has shifted to the review of export quotas for Ukraine and to the e-commerce regulations, which are likely to contribute to the economic recovery after the recession, caused by the pandemic: "Moreover, we continue to work towards visa-free expansion: avia visa-free – common airspace, food and industrial visa-free regimes – an opportunity to export not only raw materials, but also finished goods".

Restore pre-epidemic level

20 July

Hennadiy Nadolenko, Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel, emphasized that “for us, diplomats, it is important to get back to the pre-pandemic level of relations. Today a slight drop in external trade is noticeable, but we have learned to use online means, so the work is improving".

COVID-19 changes rules

20 July

Michael Lotem, Director, Economic department, Asia, CIS at MFA Israel welcomed IUA’s initiative and “called not to stay still, as COVID-19 changes the rules of the game very quickly”.

Every business must have a plan for emergency

20 July

Lilia Zagrebelna, Sustainability Director at Nova Poshta, shared an important practice of mitigating the risks, associated with COVID-19, which could be adopted by other enterprises

Israel and Ukraine discussed ways to fight with the second wave of COVID-19

16 July

July 14, 2020, on the initiative of Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance with the support of Embassy of Ukraine in Israel and Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an online strategic session was held. The topic was: “Second Wave of COVID-19. Israel and Ukraine join forces to develop strategic and technological solutions". The discussion encompassed presentations of officials, business and medical community representatives from both countries.


Two Israels And the War In Ukraine (A. Zharova)

20 April

Israeli politicians will have to answer “where he was and what he did” when the Russians bombed Ukrainian cities.

You Run = You Help. How Participants Of the Race In Tel Aviv Raised About $15,500 To Help Ukraine

12 April

According to the results of the race, 50,000 shekels were collected, which is about 456,000 hryvnias.

In Israel, the 'Israeli Business 4 Ukraine' Initiative Has Started

9 March

In Israel, the 'Israeli Business 4 Ukraine' Has Started

Michael Furaev

Strategic partner

Head of Quattrgroup

Visionary leader and designer of synergistic teams

Anna Zharova


Entrepreneur and International Consultant, specializes in developing, managing and launching impact projects in commercial and social spheres

Co-founder of nonprofit organization "Israeli Friends of Ukraine"

Board Member in “Pnima” - Israeli organization, uniting public and government leaders

Eddy Dave

Chairman of IUA

15 years of experience in capital markets, investments, business development

Owner of Israeli-Ukrainian outsourcing company: 400 employees, 5 years of operations, offices in Kharkov and Kiev

Managing Partner of Camalia Capital Markets, which was successfully sold to Meitav Dash 5 years ago. Meitav Dash is the second biggest investment house in Israel with more than 50b$ at the disposal

Olha Stoliarchuk

Director of IUA

LL.M., Consultant, Project Manager, Attorney-at-Law

10 years of expertise in International and Ukrainian business and corporate law, energy law and antitrust law

Member of the GS Kyiv Hub community, WEF initiative

Co-founder of investment video blogs - VC ChatrOOm

Daniil Tsiporukha

Co-founder of IUA

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Paid Ad Expert, Entrepreneur

Skilled in PPC, Analytics, Product Marketing, Start-ups, and Product Development

BA degree in Communications and New Media Studies IDC Herzliya, MA in Law ISU Kyiv

Co-Founder at Draw Days Tel-Aviv, IUA and Echo

Eugene Proskulikov

Communication expert

Design of social, corporate, and business relations by developing and implementing long-term communication strategies and ad hoc campaigns, based on data-driven analyst, creative approach, and coherent content policy

17 years of practice in communications as a strategist, analyst, copywriter, and marketing expert. Provided services for about 200 international and Ukrainian brands in various industries

Mykyta Khodakivskyi

Co-founder of IUA

An independent international expert that has been in software development, in particular, in cross-application development projects in global e-payments, eCommerce and FINTECH for nearly 15 years

Founder of Paris-based, he runs consultancy and software development projects to assure successful launches for new startups and SaaS businesses

Buyers Tour:Furniture and Interior Design Industries in Ukraine


05.02 - 08.02.2019


As for the Export Strategy of Ukraine 2017 - 2021, presented by the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine, the IT and creative industries (services) are one of the seven key directions. Moreover, the Ukrainian Furniture market is a fast-growing segment of the economy which augments 14% annually. That is why Architects & Designers Buyers Tour was a well-time event in terms of Ukrainian Export Strategy implementation and further policy adoption.



  • Deep dive into Ukrainian Furniture Industry and Interior Design Ecosystem.
  • Present Ukraine`s export capabilities in the sector of architecture and design
  • Lay the groundwork for long-term business relations between Israeli and Ukrainian enterprises in the sphere
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the Ukrainian market niche.

Results/goals reached:

  • 10 - 15 participants, architects, developers and design businesses from Israel;
  • 20 - 40 B2B meetings in Kyiv and its region;
  • 60% of participants report increased business linkages with businesses in Ukraine;
  • 40 new business contacts established during the trade mission;
  • 5000 of target audience reached by the media campaign in Israel;
  • 8 B2B itineraries company-specific developed.
Study tour“Exploring Israeli FoodTech Industry”


29.10. - 02.11.2019


With expertise in biotech, food e-commerce and ingredient innovations, Israel holds its position as one of the biggest food tech communities globally. At the same time, Kormotech is the leading pet food producer in Ukraine. Therefore, we have found an opportunity for promising cooperation through sharing experiences with high-tech and family companies, innovation, and R&D сenters.


  • Deeper insight into the Israeli market niche.
  • Discover the hottest technologies, get to know innovative approaches in production, business development and sales strategies on an international scale.
  • Expand and strengthen the network.
  • Sharing experience and learning from real successful cases.

Results/goals reached:

  • 7 B2B meetings with key industry companies in Israel;
  • Bringing to negotiations with 3 Israeli companies.