For whom?

Owners and top managers of IT outsourcing companies
International venture capital funds, investors and business angels
Growing startups, entrepreneurs and developers
Leading business incubators, tech hubs and universities
2 Days
32 Speakers
55 Companies

Our Goals

Ensuring partnership and cooperation between Ukrainian and Israeli businesses
Accelerating innovations
Creating meaningful alliances
Providing high-quality strategic entrepreneurship opportunities
Engaging key business players and decision makers
Raising awareness on Israeli and Ukrainian markets, forms of partnership, including international and local law adoption and amendment where needed
Attracting investment and developing bilateral innovation projects


18.03 DAY#1
19.03 DAY#2

18 March - Day 1

Discovering Israeli and Ukrainian startup ecosystem.
09:00 - 10:00
Registration and Welcome Coffee
10:00 - 10:30
Official Opening
10:30 - 11:00
Emerging Markets: How Ukraine invests in Innovation and accelerate this process?
11:00 - 11:40
Ukraine as a next DataNation?
11:50 - 12:20
How to bring your Innovation to Ukraine?
12:30 - 13:10
How to find reliable partner in Ukraine?
13:20 - 14:00
The startup of the future: leveraging global talent networks.
14:00 -15:00
Coffee Break & Networking
15:00 - 15:40
What made Israeli companies fall in love with Ukraine?
15:50 - 16:30
The benefits and risks of outsourcing in Ukraine. Protecting your ALPI while outsourcing.
16:40 - 17:20
Israeli Startup Moodyfi sharing its experience of opening office in Ukraine.
17: 30 - 18:00
Business Practices in Israel: Dos and Don'ts.
18:10 - 18:40
From local to global market: building worldwide community of Ukrainian business Hubs.
19:00 - 20:30
Networking reception: Open Ukraine with the fastest growing tech community in CEE. UTEW Team Alexandra Govorukha and Inna Stelmakh.

19 March - Day 2

Discovering Israeli and Ukrainian venture capital ecosystem.
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:15
Start Up Tour at the Taglit Innovation Center
11:30 - 12:30
Meeting Ukrainian & Israeli Investors. How to attract Investments in Innovation Startups.
12:45 - 14:00
Ted Marathon: Sharing New Reality (Open Stage for Israeli & Ukrainians startups)
14:00 - 15:00
Сoffee Break
15:00 - 16:20
Creating and operating the Fund of Funds, Israel experience and Ukrainian Reality.
16:45 - 17:30
UVCA presents Who Is Who in VC in Ukraine.
17:30 - 18:00
Closing Remarque
18:00 - 19:30
Innovative City in the Middle East. Walking the Streets of Tel Aviv.


Start UP Tour
Sightseeing TA


UTEW - Ukrainians at Tech Events of the world invites you to meetup “Open Ukraine with the fastest growing tech community in CEE”. Looking for fresh business ideas at Israeil-Ukrainian Innovation Expo? Wanna find new opportunities, high promising startups and talented people?

Have a look at Ukraine - WHAT do you know about it?

There are actually:

  • 150 thousand programmers and first place in CEE by number of engineers,
  • 1000 IT service companies,
  • 100 + International R&D centers,
  • booming IT ecosystem with IT clusters, Innovative hubs and Innovation Park in Ukraine
  • PetCube, Looksery (buyout of Snapchat), Depositphotos, Grammarly, MacPaw, Preply,
  • Read dle, ZeoAlliance and many other cool Ukrainian startups were featured by TechCrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg etc.

Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?

So, come to the fastest growing tech community UTEW (Ukrainians at TECH EVENTS of the WORLD) meetup#10 in Tel-Aviv and learn more about building a successful business in/with Ukraine.

The main goal of UTEW is to connect IT ecosystem representatives around global tech events. UTEW unites tech companies, startapers, incubators, accelerators, consulting services

UTEW already held 9 meet ups , including the the biggest IT conferences at Eastern (Lviv IT Arena) and Western Europe (Web Summit’17).

Start UP Tour

Start Up Tour at the Taglit Innovation Center

Israel is widely known as the “start-up nation” and is recognized as a major player in the fields of innovation, R & D and entrepreneurship. Taglit-Birthright Israel built the “State of Mind” Innovation Center in partnership with The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The exciting and cutting-edge Innovation Center allows you to learn about the new advancements Israeli Start-Ups are making in different fields, such as science, medicine, security, space and more and explore the vibrant ecosystem of Israel.

Sightseeing Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been ranked the world’s second “most innovative city” as part of the Wall Street Journal magazine and Citibank’s City of the Year contest, organized by the non-profit Urban Land Institute.

According to YnetNews, Tel Aviv was among the three cities which made it to the final out of 200. The winner was Medellin in Colombia. New York City came in third. The results were determined by online voters and Urban Land Institute judges.

Tel Aviv’s achievements in the fields of technology, high-tech and research were mentioned as the reasons for its inclusion in the competition.

According to Leslie Braunstein in Urban Land’s website, Israel’s seaside metropolis “has emerged as a global hub of technological innovation. Home to thousands of homegrown startups as well as outposts of American giants such as Google and Microsoft, Tel Aviv’s technology corridor, dubbed the ‘Silicon Wadi’ (employing the Arabic word for valley), is ranked just behind California’s Silicon Valley in worldwide importance.

With more than 700 startup companies and research and development centers, Tel Aviv is considered Israel’s “startup city.” The Tel Aviv Municipality recently launched a strategic program to position the metropolis as an international center of innovation and creativity.

“We are working to create a startup visa for foreign entrepreneurs, increasing the number of international students in the metropolis, opening work spaces for technological entrepreneurs, and more,” says Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Asaf Zamir.

We invite you to explore with us the vibrant innovative city Tel Aviv.

Israeli Ecosystem Roadshow

Tech It Forward connects global international audiences with the exciting and unique Israeli startup ecosystem, the second largest startup valley in the world. With over 1300 new startups a year, and 10 Billion dollars’ worth of exits in 2016, Israel is a leading entrepreneurial gold mine.

Our roadshow includes an intensive meeting programme of 2 days where you will meet:

  • 10 Startups,
  • 3 Accelerators,
  • 2 R&D Centers,
  • 2 Coworking Spaces,
  • 2 Venture Funds.

Our mission is allow you to network within the Startup Nation, find partnership opportunities, clients and inspiration!

Check out our roadshow packages:

Package 1: 1 day tour

Price $500 per company (up to 2 executives)

Discount for corporate packages: 15% off

Our intensive meeting program includes:

  • 6 meetings
  • Lectures and networking with entrepreneurs
  • Visits of key business centers
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Lunch
  • Nice touristic tour

Package 2: 2 day tour

Price: $850 per company (up to 2 executives)

Discount for corporate packages: 15% off

  • 12 meetings
  • Lectures and networking with entrepreneurs
  • Visits of key business centers
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Lunch
  • Nice tour in Yaffo
IUA Road Show

to book a roadshow contact

Speakers (more TBA)

Dov Moran
Dov Moran Inventor of the USB stick/USB Flash Drive, Managing partner of Grove Ventures
Eran Cohen
Eran Cohen Vice president at Ciklum Israel
Igor Ryabenkiy
Igor Ryabenkiy Founder and managing partner at Altair Capital
Nicholas Tymoshchuk
Nicholas Tymoshchuk Chief Executive Officer at UFuture Investment Group
Richard Norman
Richard Norman Managing Director, Funds at OurCrowd
Eyal Eliezer
Eyal Eliezer Head of Invest in Israel at the Foreign Investment and Industrial Cooperation Authority, Ministry of Economy and Industry.
Boaz Inbal
Boaz Inbal General Manager of Development Center at Wix
Eitan Katz
Eitan Katz CEO and Founder of
Yulia Poroshenko
Yulia Poroshenko Co-Founder of Radar Tech, Founder of Agrohub
Maxim Bakhmatov
Maxim Bakhmatov Chairman of the board in Radar Tech and Managing partner in
Yigal Sharon
Yigal Sharon CEO at MOODIFY
Hennadii Nadolenko
Hennadii Nadolenko Ambassador of Ukraine to the State of Israel
Stas Levitan
Stas Levitan Head of Sales Emerging Markets at SimilarWeb
Hilla Srour
Hilla Srour CEO at TWC
Dmitriy Bechutskiy
Dmitriy Bechutskiy CEO and Founder of Stairway Soft Ltd
Dmytro Shestakov
Dmytro Shestakov Managing Partner at Innovations Development Platform
Michael Kisilenko
Michael Kisilenko CEO at UVISION
Andrew Sorohan
Andrew Sorohan Team Lead of at Western NIS Enterprise Fund
Alex Bart
Alex Bart Founder and Managing Partner Empire State Capital Partners
Denis Gursky
Denis Gursky CEO and Founder of SocialBoost
Dmitry Ovcharenko
Dmitry Ovcharenko VP at Association IT Ukraine, CEO at Alcor
Anastasia Sleptsova
Anastasia Sleptsova CEO and Founder of Black Sea Summit
Violeta Moskalu
Violeta Moskalu Founder of Global Ukraine Foundation and initiator of the Global Ukrainians Forum

Meetup UTEW

Alexandra Govorukha
Alexandra Govorukha Head of Communications of Innovation park
Inna Stelmakh
Inna Stelmakh Independent Startups Consultant


Corporate EXPO

Software development & outsourcing company

Two days group pass:

  • 3 Persons
  • Ted Marathon: Open Stage for Israeli & Ukrainians companies
  • Expo stand
  • Conference room
  • Meetup UTEW
  • Tel-Aviv round tour

+ Special discount for a roadshow

2975 ₪ ($850) Apply Now

Startup EXPO

Israeli and Ukrainian startups

Two days group pass:

  • 3 Persons
  • Ted Marathon: Open Stage for Israeli & Ukrainians startups
  • Expo stand
  • Conference room
  • Meetup UTEW
  • Tel-Aviv round tour

+ Special discount for a roadshow

875 ₪ ($250) Apply Now

Individual plan

Israeli and Ukrainian startups, other

Two days individual pass:

  • 1 Person
  • Meetup UTEW
  • Tel-Aviv round tour

+ Special discount for a roadshow

150 ₪ ($42) Apply Now
Early Birds till 25.02 - 25%


*If you choose Corporate - a message that by filling in the description (up to 6 sentences) and adding the logo info about them will be published on the site.

All fields are required!

About Innovation EXPO:

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance in cooperation with NEO.VC are delighted to present Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo.

During two days entrepreneurs, innovators, angel investors, venture capitalists and many others involved in developing startups in Israel and Ukraine will gather in the heart of the startup nation Tel Aviv to introduce its business activities, and share its successful stories and fears.

You may enjoy mind changing, creative and positive vibes of Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo 2018 by visiting Exhibitor’s Zone, getting to know our keynote speakers on the breakout meetups, discovering Israel through privately organized Innovation ecosystem tour, and doing the networking - everything is in one place.

Come and join independent Israeli Ukrainian Entrepreneurial Community of innovators, decision-makers, enablers and promote your business interests in Israel and Ukraine.



Israel Ukrainian Alliance

General Partners:

Stairway Soft
Western NIS Enterprise Fund
Sigma Software

Governmental Support:

Ukrainian Embassy Tel Aviv
Invest in Israel

Strategic Partners:

IVC Research Center

Venture Capital Partners:

Grove Ventures
Empire State Capital Partners
Altair Capital

Supporting Partners:

Radar Tech
1991 Open Incubator
Global Ukraine
All In Payments
Tech It Forward
Step IT Academy
Black Sea Summit
Mobile Beach Conference
Happy Farm
Israel CIS

Media and Event Partners:

IT Business Week
Startup Club Israel
Ukraine Discovery Tour
Na chasi
IT Ukraine Association

About IU Alliance

Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance is an international professional network that provides high-quality strategic entrepreneurship opportunities for companies and organizations of all types and sizes to cooperate in Israel and Ukraine by engaging Israeli and Ukrainian diaspora all over the world. Alliance’s main objective is to develop and implement the concept of an Israeli - Ukrainian Entrepreneurship Hub – collaborative interactive platform that will extend social and business support facilities of both countries. IUA is concentrated on growing, developing and reaching full potential of both countries entrepreneurship relationship, as well as connects leaders from politics, business and society both in Israel and Ukraine.

Moreover, our main goals are to:

  • simplify trade enquiries, investment adviser search;
  • develop strategies for building international network of business leaders;
  • create opportunities of international exchange of knowledge, experience and capacities in achieving sustainable and constant growth of Israeli and Ukrainian relationship;
  • boost an open market relationships in both countries; involve international and diaspora decision makers and key players.
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Anna Zharova

Anna Zharova

CEO and Co-founder of Israeli Ukrainian Alliance. Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Israeli Venture Fund NEO.VC. Entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, specializes in developing, managing and launching new projects in commercial and social spheres. Co-founder of nonprofit organization "Israeli Friends of Ukraine". For the last three years, Anna has been promoting social, educational and business relations development between Ukraine and Israel. She is a Global Ukrainians Community Board Member, where she heads the venture investment committee. In 2015, Anna was one of the founders of the first international accelerator for social entrepreneurship in Latvia.

Dmitriy Bechutskiy

Dmitriy Bechutskiy

CEO and Founder of an Israeli software development company Stairway Soft Ltd. And Business Development Director at Alcor - Ukrainian BPO company.

Dmitriy has experience at top positions in Kyiv, Moscow and Tel Aviv in a variety of businesses: a loyalty programs e-commerce and software development. PhD in economics MBA Ariel university, Israel.

Olha Stoliarchuk

Olha Stoliarchuk

Prior co-founding a company Israeli - Ukrainian Alliance, Olha had a position of Legal Counsel with NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and before she was a lawyer in the international law firm Schoenherr LLC, international law firm Salans LLC with the main expertise in oil and gas law, data protection and antitrust law. Olha is a Manager at the Ukraine Discovery Tour and a founder of NGO "Go.UA".

International experience of Olha includes traineeship in the European Parliament (Belgium) at the Office of the MEP Boris Zala.

Mykyta Khodakivskyi

Mykyta Khodakivskyi

Business Developer at ALL-INPAYMENTS.COM. is a e-marketplace for e-business and e-payment providers worldwide. Mykyta is a results-driven growth developer with a record of groundbreaking business models, and taking them from concept stretch to market. Being recognised as an niche expert in payments and e-commerce development, business model has been developed by Mykyta.

Daniel Tsiporukha

Daniel Tsiporukha

Co-founder and CEO at Echo a company dedicated to improving music listening expirience. Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, traveler and social activist. Born and raised in Kiev, worked in e-marketing since he was 18 years old. Graduated from IDC Herzliya, New Media track. Founded Echo just 3 months later after moving to the Tel Aviv. Raised 2 financial rounds and present the product at many international conferences. Directing Drink and Draw movement in Israel.

Alena Novgorodskaya

Alena Novgorodskaya

Entrepreneur, mentor, со-founder, and COO at Tomove company. Tomove - Moving Aggregator with Progressive Object Recognition System. Since 2012 Alena has been working in the field of acceleration programs for technological startups (2012-2016, project leader of the Happy Farm business incubator).

She has also organized acceleration programs for startups and investors in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and US. Moreover, Alena was the event planner for global tech-conferences (Europe Venture Summit, Kiev 2013; UTGem, US 2014; Kazakhstan,2015).

Jessica Rosner

Jessica Rosner

As a marketing specialist with over 8 years of experience implementing growth strategies, JessicaRosner works with startups and marketing teams to deliver innovative solutions across multiple marketing channels. For the past few years, Jessica together with her co-founder Jennifer, has launched Tech It Forward, a marketing and events consulting agency, focusing on G2M strategies, growth strategies, international roadshows and networking events within the Israeli startup ecosystem.

Jennifer Elias

Jennifer Elias

Specializing in business law and product marketing strategies, Jennifer Elias works with startups and product teams to deliver exceptional user experience across product and marketing platforms. For the past few years, Jennifer together with her co-founder Jessica, has launched Tech It Forward, a marketing and events consulting agency, focusing on G2M strategies, growth strategies, international roadshows and networking events within the Israeli startup ecosystem.


Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange,

Ahuzat Bayit St 2